Thursday, October 11, 2007

Important Message

Aloha Prospective Members:

Recently, I've had a couple bloggers email me about joining the directory. However, they didn't mention where they were located.

In order to be posted, we need to know your location. The blogs are listed according to geographical location i.e. State or Country.

If I email you requesting location, please let me know your location. I do not need to know you city or town, just the state or country. If you'd rather not reveal your location, please let me know that.

A couple of times, I have requested more information and I never heard back from the blogger. As a courtesy, in the event, my email was never received, I emailed again with no response.



Anonymous said...


Dear Esther,
I have come to your blog by looking to help my friend who just recently moved to Hawaii. We miss her and her family a lot!!!
Your blog is lovely - I love particularly two links you have on your blog: Opus Sanctorum Angelorum - it is so wonderful to see this link. I have been a member since I was a teenager in Germany a long while back, and the link to Fr. Joe Whalen for St. Rafael's Holy Oil.
Keep up the good work - it is great when Catholics join in the fight.
Blessings through Our Blessed Mother,
Michaela Tomas
ptomas at mindspring dot com

Esther said...

Michaela, thank you so much for your kind comments!
God bless,

kate said...

I'm sorry I was unable to contact you via email. My computer is funny about email links. I wanted to email you about being listed as a Catholic Homeschool Resource. The link to my friends at ARX Publishing got my attention! We are Making Music Praying Twice, Music and Movement for the Catholic Child with a specific Homeschool Edition available. Thanks for your help.

God bless your work,

Kate Daneluk
Making Music Praying Twice