Tuesday, November 08, 2005

New Section - Hispanic Homeschooling Blog

Computer Girl

After being contacted by a Catholic homeschooling mom about other Catholic Homeschooling blogs in Spanish, I decided to add another section to our directory.

Thank you Silvia for the wonderful idea.

If you know of any Catholic homeschooling families whose blogs are in Spanish, please have them contact me.


Silvia said...

Thank you so much for this opportunity Esther! Your work is a wonderful ministry to all of us.
May God bless you and all you do,

ACMiH said...

Silvia, well thank you since you gave me the idea :-) I am adding two new blogs today.
God bless,

Silvia said...

Esther, one catholic mom from Spain, her name is Arantza, asked me to send you this message. This are the blogs that I had mentioned to you before. Beautiful in content.

"I am a Spanish mother of ten, seven of them being homeschooled, catholic, and I would like to give you two websites recently open to promote homeschooling in Spain and among spanish speaking families.
Silvia already knows them:


I am personally involved in both of them (we run them between only three or four mothers, at the moment, as homeschooling is not well known yet in Spain, but the interest is increasing rapidly).

God bless."

ACMiH said...

Thanks Silvia, Arantza did email me this morning. I just added her two blogs.